Kristi's Photo a Day

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 13

OK I know Bon Apetit is not going to be knocking down my door on their next search for a photographer, but I wanted to document a decision I made yesterday. (shhh, I am so not in love with this photo I almost cheated and used a photo from a different day, but I'm not a cheater at heart so you get to look at this unappetizing picture of what really was a yummy dinner).

I really love to cook and I especially love Indian, Thai, Mexican, and Chinese food. But, these foods usually take a few special ingredients and some advance prep. I used to spend several hours a night to make dinner even when Alison was little - sounds insane to me now. I have gotten to the point that I spend about twenty minutes and really hate eating. I have decided that I need to start thinking about dinner earlier in the day so I can make a decent meal. I don't want to spend hours on dinner, but at least get it going so if something needs to cook a while we can still have it. Though Martin was gone for dinner last night, I made a simple dal and really enjoyed it. It is so easy, but it takes a while to cook I was glad I had decided to plan ahead. :)


  1. Ok, if you could have seen what I ate for dinner tonight you'd think this should be hung in a museum!! LOL

    I think it looks great! (but then again I had potluck at church with the main dish being sloppy joes....ick)

  2. Those tomatos are just popping off of that page!

  3. I have to say...this looks really good to me! I'm pretty hungry right now and, even though it's breakfast time, I'm wanting some of your dinner! LOL