Kristi's Photo a Day

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 52-59

Remember me? I've been busy taking pictures just not posting. I'm skipping a few days so I can finish Maya's favorites project.

I haven't been putting a ton of effort into my photography, but I do have one photography question. I always hear about the golden hour, but whenever I try to take pictures when the sun is lower in the sky, I either end up with shadows if the girls' faces aren't facing the sun and if they are facing the sun, they end up squinty. Is this time a day not really meant for portraits?

OK on to the photos . . .

I even used my phone's camera for the first time. Useless for printing but I did get photos! :)


  1. i loved seeing all the pics from the week all together like that. I also loved the way you labeled them (what is that font, Love it!)
    Your golden hour looks like it might be too early. The sun still looks a bit bright, it's weird to say this, but the pics I've gotten that were good at that time were warmer even, almost orangeish... ? maybe?
    Your pics look so great and vivid!

  2. I especially love that last photo!

  3. Gorgeous photos!!

    For your golden hour ... I would try waiting a bit longer, maybe 15-30 minutes before the sun sets. And you could also try backlighting the girls for a really cool look. I love sun flare! :)