Kristi's Photo a Day

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 68-72

Trying to catch up again! Here are my pictures for last week. The picture of Maya with the sepia tone uses a Lightroom preset by Kelsey Smith. Regarding the photo of the medical bracelet, I have a photo of the other side with her name and info but that is too personal for the blog.


  1. Okay I LOVE that whole make believe scene! That is how I played as a kid and the braids are great. Your photos are so great - that lightroom treatment is so pretty.

  2. AWESOME photos, the lightroom treatment is beautiful, and I love the make believe scene.

    I'm glad to hear that you have a boot that fits now, hopefully she can heal quickly!

  3. Love the Day 69 pic and I'm amazed you got a pic of all the kids smiling on Day 70!

  4. Love M's sweet pic and her braids are too cute! Love her close up as well, great color on it too.

    Love A's pose with her HUGE boot! Hope she's doing well with it.