Kristi's Photo a Day

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 73-76

Here's another set. We made a last minute trip to the Bay Area for spring break. It has been hard but I'm trying to limit my pictures to one photo per event. The first picture was supposed to go in my last post and I had the wrong date on the photo of Alison's boot. oops

I need to give credit where it's due. My sil Michelle took the cousins photo, and the family photo. Martin took the photo of Leda and I. Do they still count? I wanted to include them! And the "make new friends" photo used a Kelsey Smith Lightroom preset.

ETA That aquarium photo is a big fake. I had a picture with and without fish and I merged them. I really love the fish picture by itself but I so wanted a great picture from the day with all the cousins. The pictures I had with the four kids and the good fish had other people in it. I didn't mean to be deceiving. But, now I came clean so alls good, right? :)


  1. OMG!!! These photos SOOOO rock! Can I get a copy of make new friends? That treatment is amazing and I want to put it up for C. And that Chinatown one should be blown up and framed and LOVE the other family shots - the cousins is so cute and look at your and Leda!! Woo hooo these are GREAT!

    I should have had you give me a photography lesson while you were here - wow your photos are amazing!

  2. oh one more thing - that aquarium shot is genius and SO hard to get because the lighting there is really difficult and to get the kids so clear and then that shot of the fish - wow!

  3. These are awesome. I love them all but the aquarium shot is my favourite. Beautiful!

  4. OMG! amazing!
    -Love the comp. of the one of S digging her hole. -Amazing, crisp pic - amazing processing too of C and M
    - love the smiles on the cousins pic
    - COOL aquarium pic, great merge!
    - Love the pic of you and Leda - how fun!
    - I totally want a copy of your Chinatown pic, love the color, the shot is soooo great!!!
    - what a fun family pic, everyone looks so happy!
    great week!!!

  5. Super photos, Kristi! Love the aquarium the best - and the one of the two girls!!

  6. Hey Kristi! There's NO RULES, except for your own, LOL. I love all your photos and it doesn't matter to me who was behind the camera. We want to see YOU too, so of course someone else has to take those. And I love the Bay Area, I used to live there. Monterey Bay Aquarium rocks and so does your "merged" photo! :)

  7. Beautiful photos ... love the aquarium picture, great work! And the black and white of the two girls is just gorgeous. I love the close crop. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

  8. WOW WOW and Triple WOW!! Such amazing photos!!!

  9. Great photos! Cool you met Leda too! The aquarium photo is great and Chinatown and the two girls. You guys have been busy!

  10. Wow, these are gorgeous! Love your post-processing, it really gives the photos an attitude. =)