Kristi's Photo a Day

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 27-30

I want to say that I really have not been into this at all this week. I'm so glad that I am doing this on a blog and that so many of you stop by to leave me love or I might have abandoned the project this week. Thank you!!!!!

So here are a bunch of pictures at once.

Day 30

The elementary school had it's annual Sock Hop Friday night. The girls were so excited to go! It is a fun event and at least half the girls wear poodle skirts!! Last year we didn't know this. But Maya and her new sewing machine came to the rescue. Maya and I made these skirts together. I prepped and with a bit of guidance she stitched them together. My battery died while I was taking their pictures. I will have to get them dressed back up to take better photo some day.

Day 29

Alison stays up way too late reading. She is on the 7th and last book of Harry Potter and I am really hoping when she finishes this series she will fall asleep earlier. right now she lives and breathes Harry Potter. Serena and Maya know all the characters just listening to all her talk. And she has gotten Martin to actually read them - he has only read two other fiction books since I met him, so a pretty big accomplishment on her part. She claims she can't fall asleep without reading - looks like it is working.

Day 28

This is a photo of relief. I didn't have my flash securely attached to my camera and it flew off, hit the ground, and went sliding across the floor. I took this photo in a state of panic, aiming at nothing in particular, to check that it still worked. It seems to be ok, but I am so mad at myself for not tightening the dial.

Day 27

My favorite breakfast in the whole world. I know it is not good for me at all, but here it is - Scallion Pancakes!! Let me explain that I don't like sweet for breakfast at all. I would take rice and beans any day over pancakes and syrup or cereal. I usually just eat leftovers. So whenever I make scallion pancakes for dinner I make more than I know we will eat. Then I refrigerate the extra dough and fry them up for breakfast. They are so light and crisp with just the right amount of salt and the lovely flavor of scallions. Oh how I love them. And they taste even lighter when the dough sits over night. Yum!


  1. Those poodle skirts are amazing - and I love their pose :)
    Harry Potter is awesome!! I read all the books the minute they were released LOL
    You photos are gorgeous - even the panic photo :)

  2. Oo, I want a scallion pancake.

    Love the girls in their poodle skirts!

    I like how you got a pic of Alison reading and then yawning :)

    Glad your flash is okay

  3. Love those skirts and the coloring on your photo! (love the pose too!) Great sewing Maya!

    It's so funny to see Alison with that HUGE book! So great to have such a good reader - I don't think I've ever met anyone that reads exclusively non-fiction!

    I want that pancake. LOVE scallions, I'd love your recipe!

    Whew! Glad your flash made it ok!

  4. Kristi, we won't leave you behind! I love the poodle skirts and the tones are perfect --- looks like a faded 50s photo. Glad your camera is OK.

  5. Oh I will totally harass you if you give up! I look forward to your photos!

    1. Scallion pancake - one word - YUM! One comment - I'll be right over...

    2. Flash- I'm SO glad its okay! Thats the next thing I want. *sigh*

    3. I LOVE Harry Potter. Book 7 is a hard book to read - be warned, she's in for a rough ride but its so worth it. I NEVER would have picked them up, but Dani made me and wow, seriously a fav.

    4. That photo is priceless! I love the processing, it looks right out of my mom's scrapbook and they are so cute! Way to go Maya for helping with the sewing - she is way better than I could ever be!

  6. Your photos look great!!! I'm glad that you are still keeping up with the project. I think the key is to not stress about it..just do what you can. You're doing great!

    I loooove those poodle skirts!

  7. I'm so glad you didn't give up on the project. I enjoy seeing all of your pictures. Your girls are precious!

  8. GREAT photos!!! I'm so glad you didn't quit. I am having a hard time keeping up with the blogging but I've taken the photos each day.

    Those poodle skirts are soo sweet!!

    Harry Potter, I remember him, he's been replaced around here by the Twilight series (my dd is 16 so maybe that explains why HP is no more)

  9. LOVE that photo of your girls in their poodle skirts. How neat that Maya has taken such an interest in sewing.

    Good for you for keeping up. I've been getting behind on a day-to-day basis too, but then catch up with a few posts at once.

  10. The poodle skirts are just adorable!

    I'm doing pretty good getting my pictures taken, but there is no way I can get them posted daily. Obviously, my main goal is the photos so I'm just not going to get frustrated by not keeping the blog totally up to date, hopefully you won't let it get to you either :)

  11. Harry Potter is soo addictive! I read those books until I couldn't keep my eyes open too - and I'm much older - LOL. Glad your flash is ok. Love your pics!

  12. Oh my goodness I love these photos! I used to do the same thing and stay up in bed all night reading! They look sooo cute in their little poodle skirts tooo, and Im so glad your flash is okay! How scary! I know what you mean about the project. It gets over whelming at times. I have to actually upload every day for fear if I skip one day I will get to comfortable lol!