Kristi's Photo a Day

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 42-44

Day 44

Some pictures of Serena playing with her Pollys. That is all we do anymore. :)

Day 43

I am going to do something new. I am going to have the kids document with photos some of their favorite things at this age. So whenever I don't have an idea for a photo of the day I will ask them a question about their favorites. When I put my book together, I'll just pull those out into a separate page. I'm starting with Maya so here's a picture of her.

Day 42

I gave a presentation on Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival at Serena's preschool. The kids seemed to enjoy it and they gave me this fabulous thank you card today (well Wedesday)!


  1. Beautiful shots! Love the idea of interviewing your kids!

  2. Love the colors in the shot of Serena with the polly pockets. So bright!

  3. So cool! How cute with the polly pockets. Its funny what they all get into!

  4. Fun photo of Serena surrounded by her Polly Pockets :) Reminds my of my nephews who love spreading out and lining up their toys (Webkins for one, Star Wars for the other) just as much as playing with them!

  5. What stunning photos, I love the first one. Lily just started to ask about the POlly pocket stuff! I love the colors in that photo too. You have such an amazingly beautiful family!