Kristi's Photo a Day

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 36-37

Day 37

Alison is finally starting to feel better. She ate a little soup today and then ate some ice cream. She's still feeling nauseous but I am happy to see a little color and the twinkle return to her eyes.

Day 36

Having Alison sick has completely thrown Maya off kilter. She has been antsy and, um, loud, for the last few days. She finally found something focused to do, make her class Valentines, and that made all the difference in her mood. She made them all by herself without any advice or assistance from me. She had the exact number of doilies as number of kids in her class and she wanted the red for the boys and the pink for the girls. So she laid them all out and counted out the hearts before she started gluing. I was impressed by her foresight and advance planning.


  1. Yes, Alison looks great with the twinkle in her eyes. Great catchlight you captured. And what a sweetie.

  2. It is so good to hear that Alison is feeling better! She looks happy about it too!

    I love Maya's valentines too, they are so cute!

  3. I'm glad Alison is feeling better! You definitely caught the twinkle in her eyes :)
    Love Maya's Valentines too - she's a good planner!!

  4. Your daughter is such an angel! Her eyes are so blue! Gorgeous photo of her, glad shes feeling better. Maya did a fantastic job on the valentines too btw!

  5. Glad Alison is feeling better - stomach bugs are the worst! The valentines are so pretty - I love that they are handmade - precious!

  6. I love that Maya made her valentines!
    Beautiful job!! Love that photo of Alison, such a great shot!

  7. Glad she's feeling better. Stomach flu is miserable..